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Care for You and Baby


Pregnancy Health

Prenatal visits are encouraged to support best care of you and your baby. We will take the time together to address your physical and emotional needs to ensure that your prenatal experience is one that you'll enjoy. Services during your visits may include urine assessments, blood pressure, blood sugar monitoring, exercise and nutritional counseling, as well as assessment of your baby's growth, development, and  heart beat. You are also encouraged to attend AMANI Birth Islamic preparation classes with your husband.


Labor and Birth

During labor you will be personally attended by Licensed Home Birth Midwife, Aisha Al Hajjar, and at least one assistant in order to observe you and your baby during normal labor. At your home you will experience the freedom to move around as needed, eat what you'd like when you'd like, and relax in whatever way feels good for your body. The combination of support and comfort from your family and our team, is beneficial in facilitating your birth.


Postpartum and Newborn Care

To ensure that you receive the best possible care for you and your newborn baby, we will stay in close contact after your birth to provide support, physical exams, assist with breastfeeding, and answer any questions you may have. All of these services will be provided to you in the comfort of your home. The goal is to stay connected with you for a healthy development.

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Services for You!

Home Birth Midwifery


Aisha Al Hajjar is a Delaware Licensed Home Birth Midwife with a Master's and Bachelor's of Science in Midwifery, as well as a Certified Professional Midwife by NARM. She is also the founder & author of AMANI Birth and an international midwifery lecturer & teacher. More importantly, she believes that every birth is special and that families deserve a gentle and blessed start in life. Birth truly is a miracle and worship of Allah (SWT).

AMANI Birth Classes


AMANI Birth is a childbirth preparation course for couples that is founded on Islamic principles. This fun and information packed class is highly recommended for all parents, whether considering home birth midwifery or obstetric hospital care. Classes can be scheduled regardless or who you've chosen as your pregnancy and birth provider.

Hospital Doula Services


If you choose to birth in the hospital, Aisha is happy to attend as your doula. She will provide you with physical and emotional support and with her  midwifery experience, she will be able to keep you informed all along the way. Having doula support also gives your attending family members peace of mind and guidance in how to best support you during the physical challenges of your labor and birth.

Which Options Are Best For Me?


Why Consider Natural Childbirth?

  • Natural Birth Mothers Feel Good When it Counts... When Baby is in Their Arms
  • Medications &  Interventions have Increased Risks 
  • Medical Interventions Often Result in More Difficult Recovery
  • Difficult to Enjoy/Care for Baby if Sick, Injured, or Traumatized by Medical Interventions 
  • When Birth is Natural, it is Almost Always Better
  • The Birth Experience Matters for a Lifetime for Both Mother & Child
  • Enjoy Early Bonding with More Alert Baby
  • Less Likely for Baby to Need Extra Medical Care
  • Natural Childbirth Can be a Healing Experience for Those with Prior Birth Trauma

Why AMANI Birth Classes?

  • Couples Prepare for Their Labor & Birth with an Islamic Foundation
  • Learn How to Work with Your Body in Labor to Minimize Pain & Discomfort
  • Avoid the Use of Drugs Unless Truly Necessary 
  • Learn Together the Importance of Nutrition & Pregnancy Exercise
  • Explore Your Options in Childbirth, Regardless of Where You Plan to Give Birth 
  • Knowledge is Power to Make Informed Decisions
  • Allah Gave You Several Months' Notice; Use this Time to Prepare for the Big Day
  • Your Baby is Counting on You to Protect His/Her Birth Experience
  • Prepared Fathers Make Excellent Labor Partners & Enjoy Stronger Marriages

Why Home Birth Midwifery?

  • Support of Islamic Practices
  • Autonomy & Respect of Decisions
  • Encouragement Needed to Birth Naturally
  • Peaceful & Private
  • Evidence-Based Care 
  • Close Professional Observation & Support 
  • Guidance & Safety During Childbearing Year 
  • Reduce Unnecessary & Harmful Interventions
  • Mother & Baby Deserve a Gentle Start in Life
  • Follow Up Care & Support with New Baby & Breastfeeding in Your Own Home

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Why Obstetric Hospital Birth?

  • Prior C-Section, Twins, Breech, Some  Situations do not Qualify for Home Birth
  • Obstetricians are Surgeons & Wise Choices for High Risk Cases
  • Some Women Prefer the Hospital Environment
  • Some Mothers Want Pain Medication to be a Readily Available Option
  • Family Pressures May Dictate Hospital Birth
  • Some Insurance Coverage May Only Cover Hospital Births

Why Doula Services?

  • Help Explore Your Options to Write Your Birth Plan
  • Professional Support of your Plans in a Hospital Setting
  • Guidance for your Family Members to Help Them Best Serve Your Needs 
  • After Birth Support with Baby & Breastfeeding 
  • Research Shows Having a Doula Improves Clinical Outcomes for Mother & Baby 
  • Mother More Likely to be Satisfied with Her Birth Experience
  • Less Likely to Experience Birth Trauma

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